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Off Kinesis Fend Off Shorty gravel mudguard

Off - Kinesis Fend Off Shorty gravel mudguard

The Kinesis Fend Off Shorty Gravel Bike mudguard is one of those simple products that does exactly what is claimed on the site. It protects your backside, kidneys and lower back from the muck – and stops you from getting cold. It extends the comfort level allowing longer rides in the saddle in poor conditions. If your frame has the mounting hardware, it’s one of the best mudguards available for your gravel bike.

Kinesis Fend Off Shorty Gravel Bike Mudguard - Verdict

Super wide, non-flapping mudguards for gravel bikes are a little bit of a rare thing – yes, there are loads of easy-to-fit strap-on versions but none of them offer such a solid fit. The Kinesis Fend Off Shorty will permanently catch the filth above your tyre, so you won't need to stop and realign it each time you feel wet.

The best of the rest is headed up by the Ass Savers Win Wing rear mudguard which does much the same job as the Fend Off Shorty but is less solid and permanent (if that’s a good/bad thing may depend on where you leave your bike). It costs a lot less at £22 and weighs less at 72g

Also worth a look is the ​​Mudhugger Rear Gravel Hugger at £23 which fixes snuggly against your seatstays which might put a lot of you off. But Mudhugger provides Helitape for protection here and then it’s just a case of good old zip ties to hold it on.

And usefully Mudhugger also offer a Front Gravel Hugger version as well which looks pretty cool and offers solid coverage for £26

If you still fancy a quick on-and-off mudguard option, take a look at the Musguard range. I was impressed with the coverage of the Omni Wide options and the gravel options work the same way. They are not as stable as the Fend Off Shorty and will flap and wobble if that concerns you.

The Kinesis Fend Off Shorty Gravel Mudguard has clearance for big rubber that works extremely well at protecting your rear. Unlike other options, it looks good on the bike and is easy to fit. It doesn’t wobble, flap or chatter on the rough stuff thanks to its rubberised mounting hardware and it should last for ages. An excellent rear guard and one I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Patrick Joscelyne

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