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Got a question? Here’s your answer.

Here, in no particular order are some regular queries with answers, ready to help you out.

If you can’t find the answer here or elsewhere on our website, please get in touch directly through our Contact section. Your query will go straight to a specialist in that area or to the product designer and we'll aim to get back to you within two to three working days. Apologies if we take longer, please feel free to give us a nudge. We are here to help.


Can I buy directly from Kinesis UK?

Yes. Our full product range is available to order from this web store, we also supply our full product range through authorized retailers. This allows you as a customer to handle the product prior to purchase should you desire. We are committed to supporting the Independent Bicycle Dealer (IBD) to strengthen our commitment to you the customer. To find your nearest, go to our ‘Dealers‘ section.


Which size frame/bike will suit me?

The geometry table for each frame gives a guide to sizing, but people are all shapes and sizes, so this is really only a starting point. It is too difficult for us to make an accurate recommendation as to what the best size bike for someone would be without actually seeing them on the bike. A person’s height is usually a fairly good place to start when determining correct size, however each person’s physical dimensions (arm length, torso length, etc.) are slightly different than the next, so at times it can still be misleading. It’s always a good idea to get a proper ‘Bike Fit’ carried out at a good bike shop before committing.

Why don’t you list stand-over heights in your geometry charts?

At Kinesis UK we base all our frame sizing on Stack and Reach. Stand-over height was important in the past when most bikes were made with horizontal top tubes. However most modern bikes and all Kinesis bikes have sloping top tubes and there is no universal defined point along a sloping top tube of where to measure stand-over height. Whilst we could state a stand-over height on our geometry chart, it would likely bear no comparison to any stand-over heights stated by other bike brands.

As long as you are buying the correct size bike based on stack and reach then there will be plenty of room between you and the top tube due to our sloping top tube design.

Which headset is right for my frame?

On each product page we will list headset size, If you have an older frame, please contact us and we will advise you which model you need and if we have stock.

Which Replaceable Hanger is right for my frame?

We list our dropout on our parent site, but will soon do so on here . If you have an older frame or in the mean time please contact us and we will advise you which model you need and if we have stock.

What size Seat Post, Seat Clamp, Front Mech, BB?

The ‘spec ’ section for your chosen frame tells you which component sizes you need or if they are included with the frame.

Does my frame / fork need any preparation before building?

It is recommended that every surface and thread is prepared to the highest standard before building our frames / forks, even if they appear clean and well finished. The bike will build and ride a lot better if prepped to a professional standard using the correct tools. This includes facing the bottom bracket, disc mounts (if applicable) and head tube. Chasing all threads including bottom bracket, rack and guards mounts as well as bottle bosses. This is all part of unpacking observations and general preparation when building frame / fork.

Which travel suspension fork is right for my frame?

The ‘Spec’ section for your chosen frame advises on ideal fork travel range per frame.

What if my fork travel is outside the recommended range?

Travel outside the recommended range will alter the handling of your bike by either making the steering overly slow and raising the BB height [fork too long], or making the steering too ‘quick’ and lowering your BB height so that the pedals my clip the gound [fork too short]. So it’s best to try and comply with the range we recommend.

Which drop dimension caliper brakes suit my frame?

All our standard road frames take a 39 - 49mm brake. Our ‘All season" frames, such as 4S series, GFti and T2 , take a Long drop 47 – 57mm brake. If this differs it will state this in the text for that frameset.

Which tyre size is right for my road frame?

Most standard road frames suit up to a 25c. The frames in our range that are designed to take mudguards with a 39 – 49mm brake are designed to take up to a 25c including full size ‘guard, although clearance does depend on the brand of mudguard/tyre fitted. Some mudguard mounts extend down further than others and some tyres are considerably taller than others. So, when fitting 25′s + full ‘guards, a little experimentation may be required! Frames designed for a 47-57mm drop brake will take up to a 28c with full ‘guards. Some tyre brands have a much higher ‘aspect ratio’ [e.g. some Continental tyres] Please contact us if you are not sure.

Why are there no bottle bosses on some Cyclocross frames?

The CXRACE is designed as pure racer and does not have bottle bosses because bottles are not used during racing. The bottle and cage add weight and get in the way during carrying and running with the bike. After-market bottle mounts are available. Some CX frames in our range are designed for more dual purpose usage, these frames have bottle bosses and also eyelets for racks and mudguards.

If my frame develops a crack, what should I do?

Stop riding it immediately and take it to the dealer who you originally purchased from. The retailer will contact our Warranty Dept. and arrange replacement if it is warranted. You must show proof and date of purchase.


How many ‘Stack Washers’ can I use on a fork steerer?

We recommend 40mm maximum for aluminium steerer tubes and 30mm maximum for carbon steerer tubes. Any more than this can cause undue leverage and stress on the steerer and will invalidate fork warranty. If you are at max. stack washer height, consider flipping your stem or fitting a riser bar.


What is the Warranty Period on my product?

Kinesis frames are warrantied for between three and five years. All wheels, forks, parts and accessories are warrantied for one year. Please see ourwarranty pagefor full details

I bought a used Kinesis UK product. Does the warranty still apply?

No, the warranty applies only to the original owner of the product.

Where are the serial Numbers for my product?

Alloy, Ti and Steel frames: Stamped into the underside of the BB shell. Forks: Engraved onto the steerer tube.

I have crashed my bike. How do I know it is safe to ride?

Immediately take your bicycle to your nearest Kinesis UK retailer for inspection. The retailer will be able to advise you on whether the bike is rideable and options available if it is not.

Is there a ‘Crash Replacement Scheme’ for Kinesis UK products?

We do offer a crash replacement scheme for our UK products. Please contact our Warranty dept. direct [through our 'Contact' section] for full details. You must provide proof and date of purchase.

Product Care

Can I get touch-in paint for my frame?

These can be found under components > touch up paint.

Can I get replacement decals?

Unfortunately we cannot supply replacement decals. they are a base coat decal and applied with a special liquid in the factory. Kinesis will not supply us replacements due to the process involved in application.

How can I clean Titanium?

Use soapy water or household cleaner. Use Baby Oil or WD40 to shine it up and avoid all those nasty fingerprints!

I’m getting a creaking noise but can’t determine where its coming from, what could be the cause?

Check the tightness of your QR’s, Ti rail saddles can often creak – clean rails and reassemble, pedal threads and crank arms are frequent offenders – take apart, lube and do up to recommended torque. Carbon posts can creak in the frame – use a recommended ‘carbon grip’ product and keep it clean and tight. We even had a carbon bottle cage creaking loudly on it’s bosses once! – Cleaned, lubed and tightened and the noise was banished.

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