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We Love Mountains - Kinesis Tripster ATR V3 Reviewed

We Love Mountains - Kinesis Tripster ATR V3 Reviewed

Finally the wait was over and I took delivery of my new Tripster ATR V3. I’ve been riding a Tripster since it was launched as one of the very first gravel/adventure bikes with what was back then ground breaking geometry and tyre clearance. With that first bike I headed east and cycled to China and the rest is history. I have ridden across about 45 countries and maybe 60,000km on the V1 and V2. Given my miles on the bike I fed into both redesigns and it’s great to see a few refinements from myself and other ambassadors incorporated in the V3. My miles in Scotland and the rough gravel up here means I’m excited the V3 gets wider tyres and even more capable of adventures.

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