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Watch: Dorset Gravel Dash 2024

The Kinesis UK Dorset Gravel Dash offered two different events on the same route on an action-packed and delightful weekend on 25/26 May 2024. Riders could choose the one-day 100-mile challenge, or the more leisurely two-day trip complete with overnight camping. Hazard a guess at which route we opted for.

Things Don't Always Go to Plan

The Gralloch was held in South-West Scotland on Saturday May 20th 2024, The Gralloch was the first UK event to be part of the TREK UCI Gravel World Series, the Union Cycliste Internationale’s highest level of gravel racing.

Bike in a Box

Quite simply the goal of #bikeinabox is to explore the world we live in and ride new places on your bike. It doesn’t have to be road or ‘endurance road’, nor does it have to be across a continent or even a country, it can be any type of bike ride.

WATCH: Bike in a Box

WHAT IS #BIKEINABOX? Put your bike in a box, travel somewhere, unpack it and ride new places. Find the time, explore the world, near or far from home. Follow Matt and Nick’s #Bikeinabox adventure, as they give themselves just 76 hours to ride back home from Bordeaux.


Ultra-cyclist Richard Curtis was the victim of a car accident in 2018 which left him with permanent brain injury. His world changed forever. He began searching for ways to return to a normal life and the sport he loves.

All Points North 2021

When the opportunity to ride a 600 mile back-packing race around the north of England arose, Rupert jumped at the chance to #rideupnorth.

Land's End to John o'Groats

The first recorded instance of someone attempting to ride from Land's End to John o' Groats was back in 1882, when Alfred Nixon took on the challenge. Kinesis ambassador, Stu Dick undertook his own attempt to ride from one end of the United Kingdom to the other.

TCR09 – A Rider Perspective

The Transcontinental is a single stage race in which the clock never stops. Riders plan, research and navigate their own course and choose when and where to rest.  Each year TCR riders cover around 4,000km to reach the finish line – it's an incredible adventure.

Mid Sussex Hillier Audax

Mid Sussex Hillier Audax My ride started from Upgrade towers where I had parked and met Bob Norton who was on his Kinesis RTD. I was on my GTD. It was already lashing down and the 37km ride over to Uckfield to the start left us with nothing dry at all! It was only 100km, that shouldn’t take much more than 4 hours…….should it?

Gravellin' with ya mates

Well, you might ask what to do on a day off when ex Kinesis ambassador and Upgrade colleague Rory Hitchens has a route he wants to show you… jump in the car with him and head over to Chichester. This route was originally shared with Markus Stitz for the book Great British Gravel Rides that came out in July 2022.

4 Rides 3 Weekends

4 Rides 3 Weekends Taking the opportunity to ride when you can in different places is always a winner. In this story I managed to help a friend to move house and ride back home, do a local re-invented Audax, support and ride a charity ride, and tick of this month’s RrTY #5 with a TT thrown in at the beginning for good measure. 
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