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Kinesis - Frame - Tripster ATR Ti - Discontinued

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Colour: Titanium
‘ATR’ stands for Adventure. Tour. Race.

Use the Kinesis Tripster ATR for adventure cycling, distance racing, touring, sportives or cyclocross.


All new geometry on this fantastic TI frame gives a sporty feel alongside comfort and stability

Low, stable BB. Long HT. More relaxed HA. Designed for use with shorter stem lengths

Clearance for up to 40mm tyres and full 45mm mudguards

530g, monocoque, UD carbon, taper-steerer fork with hose-clip

Welded rack and ‘guard mounts.

This high quality, disc brake ready, Titanium frame is built in the same factory as our highly praised Racelight GF_Ti frame.

Headset included with frame.

Both bearings are ‘ACB’, meaning ‘Angular Contact Bearings’. The head-tube seat angle is 45º. The headset drops into a tapered seat in the head tube and is tensioned using a headset tensioner within the fork steerer. Tensioning the headset centres it on the taper and prevents any play. The larger lower bearing allows a tapered steerer and larger crown. This gives sharper response and helps reduce flex under braking.

TAPER HEAD TUBE: Machined from Ti billet. The 1.5″ lower bearing allows a tapered fork steerer and larger crown. This gives sharper response and helps reduce flex under braking. Increased head tube dia. gives more weld area at the most highly stressed point.

Ti3AL/2.5V: An aerospace grade alloy, 94% titanium, 3% aluminum and 2.5% vanadium. This is one of the strongest alloys of titanium available in a seamless tube form.

CWSR: ‘Cold Worked Stress Relieved’ tubing. The tubing is shaped cold and then goes through a process to remove the stresses built up within the tube during forming.

SKELETON-MOUNT: This disc mount was specially developed for the Kinesis Tripster ATR, it is light, tough and suitable for post-mount type callipers. I.S. mount can be fitted using an adaptor.

‘ANTI ROAD SHOCK’ SEAT STAYS: The ‘hourglass’ bend, seat stays are shaped to give maximum comfort for long hours in the saddle.


  • Seat Post: 31.6mm.
  • Seat Post clamp: 34.9mm.
  • front mech : Band-on 34.9.
  • BB: 68mm. British.
  • Headset: Integrated, 41.8ø upper, 51.8ø lower, for taper head tube. FSA No.42/ACB
  • izes: 48cm- 51cm – 54cm – 55.5cm - 57cm – 60cm
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