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Kinesis - Frame Part - Type 1 Port Brake Hose

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Kinesis Cable Port Type 1
These ports fit the following Kinesis aluminium framesets;
Tripster AT, GX Race, CX Race, CX Race Evo, Aithein Evo, Aithein Disc, 4S Disc, 4S Disc Thru Axle, Pro6 v2 and Maxlight Phase.
Type 1 Port Gear Cable allows has a cable stop, stopping the gear or brake cable housing for the bare inner cable to run internally through the frame.
Type 1 Port Blank is a blank cap to cover the cable port if it unused.
Type 1 Port Di2 has a 6mm hole to allow a Di2 cable to pass through. It will require a 6mm Di2 bung.
Type 1 Port Brake Hose has no cable stop so allows you to run 4mm gear outer or 5mm brake outer cable internally through the frame.
Type 1 Port External cable has a fitting to allow you to mount a cable stop to have a cable running externally along the frame. This is usually required when running a front mech on a Pro6 or CX Race.
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