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Kinesis - Ebike Battery Cover - Winter Shield

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In the wintertime the Winter Shield electric bike battery protector helps the battery to reach the operating temperature faster and to keep it going longer. It also protects the frame from stone chips and scratches.

The cover is ideal for covering the down tube and protects the battery from splash water.

• Protection against coldness avoids less capacity during the colder months.

• Protection from the elements

• Shock-protection, scratch-protection

• Elegant and smart design

• Made by Fahrer


It is recommended that the Winter Shield is only be used at temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). Use of the Winter Shield at temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) may cause the E-Bike battery to overheat.

When riding under heavy conditions (e.g. uphill, high load, high speed) regularly check battery temperature. In case of warm or hot battery take off the Winter Shield.

Make sure each time before using the bike that the battery is properly locked to the bike mount. Improper locking may lead to loss of battery and increases the risk of injury.

Always take off the battery cover when charging the battery.


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